To our Loyal Customers, thank you for allowing us to provide you with Quality & Colorful Puppets and Superb service for the past 14 YEARS!.  We will continue to do so for years to come!

The Puppet Mall is the one stop site for Animal Puppets, Stuffed Animals including Panda & Koala Bears. For Puppet Theaters, Bible Puppets, Musical Bears & Stuffed Bears, this is a must see site for Pre-Schools, Vacation Bible Schools and other educational organizations needing quality puppets and stuffed animals.

Featured: We have a large selection of Puppet Theaters.  Some are Table Top, some are Floor Models.  Most come with Animal Hand Puppets FREE!    Table Top theater starting at $39.99  Click Image at Right----->>>>

Puppets Galore! Puppets Galore!

Simply click below on the type of Puppet you wish to view and see the beautiful, colorful and cuddly selection. These include Animal Puppets, Bible Puppets, Rod Puppets and more Puppets For Sale!

Brand:  Sunny Toys-Girl Puppets
Starting at $23.00
Click here to see selection
Brand: Sunny Toys - Boy Puppets
Starting at $23.00
Click here to see selection
Brans: Sunny Toys - Older Folks
Starting at $23.00
Click here to see selection

Brand: Silly Puppets - Girls
14", 25" & 30"
Click here to see selection

Brand: Silly Puppets - Boys
14", 25" & 30"
Click here to see selection

Brand: Silly Puppets - Older Folks
Starting at $29.95
Click here to see selection

Colorful Unicorn Puppets
      Click Image Below

Vowel Animal Puppets-A-E-I-O-U
    Click Imge Below

Ethnic Puppets
  African American, Hispanic & More
Click Image Below

Christmas Prices are Here!!
Starting @ $7.99
Click on Set of 4 Below

               Bible Puppets
         14" and Larger
         Click Image Below

Pre School & Day Care
Hand Puppet Selection
Click on Image Below

Colorful, Beautiful Unicorns 
Sets of FOUR or Singles
Click on Image Below
To View The Stuffed Animals w/SOUND
Click Image Below

Plush, Colorful Singing Bears
Face LIGHTS UP while Singing Happy Birthday!
Click Image Below

Marionettes - Animal & People!

See the Puppet selection of Marionettes we have. These include 16 Inch, 38 Inch Animals and 22 Inch People Marionettes.

16 Inch Animal Marionettes 22 Inch People Marionettes 38 Inch Animal Marionettes
Colorful Puppet selection, Must see - Click Image! Colorful - Click Puppet Image! Large Puppet Selection - Click Image!

Sharks, Dolphins, Mermaids,
Tropical Fish and More
Beautiful Butterfly Puppets
Please View our Gallary
Click On Image Below
Colorful Frogs Puppets
and Turtle Puppets
Sea Creature Puppets
Click Image Above
Colorful Selection
Click Image Above
Selection of Frog & Turtle Puppets

FREE! Puppet College - Puppet Class
101 - FREE!
How Old is Puppetry?? You'd be surprised. Click
here to download puppets origin and other info

Other Items Children Simply Love!

Simply click on an Image below to view for your Vacation
Bible School, Christian Ministry or Pre-School needs. The selection contains a wealth
of accessories for your Home, Church or Day Care.

Puppet Scripts @ $14.95 Ideal for Pre-Schoolers Puppet Stands! Many Puppet Theaters
Click Image above

Stuffed Animals-Click Image    Wide Selection-Click Image MANY TO SEE-LOW PRICES CHILD'S ANIMAL CHAIRS
Jumbo Animals only $79.99 Floor & Table Top Models CLICK IMAGE ABOVE SEE ALL THE ANIMALS

Beautiful Doll Furniture
Stacking Dolls
Colorful Christmas Gifts



Unique Kid Puppets, Stuffed Bears and More
We have a great selection of kids puppets and games. We also have a selection of puppet stages and bible games for kids online. If you are looking for childrens puppet sets, then you have come to the right place. Throughout our store, we offer a variety of products including: children character puppets, vermont teddy bear online, children's play puppet theatre, a bear specialty store, unique kid puppets, puppet stages, elementary puppet skits, animal puppets, bible puppets, stuffed bears, quarter bears, rod puppets, unique hand puppets, children's religious puppet scripts, other children's puppet show scripts, a puppet theatre for home use, and so much more. If you are looking for a variety of children character puppets, then we are your experts.

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